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Lombo Branco - The Location

Lombo Branco-Village rises above one of the most outstanding landscapes of Cape Verde, surrounded by the eye inviting mountain and ocean- views.

Lombo Branco is situated at the north-east coast of Santo Antao island, one of the most picturesque mountain and agriculture zones of Cape Verde.

Lombo Branco Mountains

Lombo Branco, stunning view to the sea click to enlarge

At the islands capital "Ribeira Grande" (only 10 minutes away from ) you will find Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Banks, Pharmacy, Central Hospital, Police station, Post Office, Telecom facilites and Internet Cafés.

Heading east along the coast you will find "Vila das Pombas", Paúl (also 10 minutes away) that is inviting for trekking and nature lovers with it´s tropical green valley and small waterfalls.

Situated on top of a cliff at 330 meters of altitude, Lombo Branco -Village offers very impressive sea- and mountain-views.

It´s special moderated-warm subtropical climate is the best place for flora and fauna. Here you can grow roses in your garden all the year long, and see many different bird species.

Lombo Branco Mountains

Lombo Branco, view to the mountains click to enlarge

In this place, there lives a very pure and friendly population allowing you to leave doors unlocked naturally during day and night.

In the mountains behind Lombo Branco, there are agricultural ranges of sugar cane, banana, papaya, apple trees, coffee and majestic palm trees that sway in this sub-tropical climate.

Just 5 minutes from Lombo Branco-Village, there is situaded the little village "Sinagoga" with a nice black-sand lava beach and natural rock-pools (similar to "Buracona" on Sal island). The perfect place to cool off in the refreshing Cabo Verdian waters... read more

Tourists looking for a leisurely holiday on a tropical island often book budget holidays to enjoy the sun, sea and surf experience all rolled into one. The island of Santo Antao is an ideal setting to enjoy all these being blessed with beautiful beaches, temperate year round climate and a relatively low crime rate. These factors make the island appealing for those who are looking for properties in Cape Verde either for a vacation hideaway or a retirement home. A fine example of exclusive villas with stunning views would be Lombo Branco-Village.