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Santo Antao - The Island ( Cape Verde )

Located in the north-west of the archipelago, Santo Antao is one of the greenest and most spectacular of all Cape Verde Islands. As the second largest island, it has population density of only about 50.000 habitants, is very low. Divided by high mountains reaching up to 2.000 meters over sea-level, there are two main parts of the island: The dry, windy and flat desert south side and the green, calm and tropical-vegetated north side.

Green Valley Green Valley on Northern Santo Antao- click to enlarge

On the north part of Santo Antao (where Lombo Branco - Village is located) you will find lots of green valleys, cultivated with sugar cane, bananas, papayas, apple, coffee, mango and coconut trees that start from the coast line up into the high mountains where water is running all the year long.

The climate of Santo Antao is very smooth with temperatures between 20º C and 30º C and humidity around 50 % to 75 % throughout the year.

If you ask Capeverdeans or the islands visitors, all will confirm you that Santo Antao has the friendliest and laid back population of all the islands. Where security is concerned, you can be totally relaxed. Indeed most habitants leave their doors unlocked by night. This is another reason why Santo Antao Island is so unique.

Ribeira Grande Ribeira Grande, Capital of Santo Antao- click to enlarge

The 3 main cities are:

* Porto Novo, at the south side, here the ferry arrives, duration: 1 hour from Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island.

* Ribeira Grande: Capital of Santo Antao - here you find most shops and most facilities, also several restaurants and Hotels/Pensions.

* Ponta do Sol: Main tourist place, with lots ofHotels/Pensions and restaurants.

Activities on Santo Antao: Mainly hiking and trekking, but also pure nature lovers will have lots to do and see: Explore the island by car (rent a car or "aluguer") with its impressive landscapes and lovely people. Also recently opened is  an adventure Agency offering Diving, Climbing, Trekking, Canyon Walking, excursions by boat and Sport Fishing...read more