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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Furniture Packages. Can these be offered and for how much ?

- We can supply furniture packages, please ask us for details.

2. Property Management. Who will look after my property for me ? How much
would this cost ?

- There will also be a specialist company in place from January 2007, servicing the needs of the villas on behalf of owners who are absent from the Island. This will include general and garden maintenance, room-cleaning, payment of utility bills, receiving of renting-guests. The services will be tailored to your requirements. Please ask for a quotation.

3. What is the Rental Potential on Santo Antao Island ?

- Santo Antao is very new in the emerging Cape Verde rental market. However, experts predict a huge surge in demand for quality rental accommodation on the island, both long and short term. We at Lombo Branco - Village can personally verify this, having seen the demand from European visitors, and we are confident that our clients will not be disappointed.

4. Sewerage System is this mains or septic tank.

- There is a common septic tank for Phase 1 and another common septic tank for Phase 2 villas.

5. Electricity and water supplies. Are there any provisions for water storage
and back up generators or invertors ?

- Every villa includes its own water tank with 1.000 Litres storage. Small gasoline generators are available from 200 EUR, however the condominium plans to put a generic diesel generator in the rare case of electricity black-outs .

7. What track record does the developer have. ?

- Lombo Branco Village is being built by a developer of Caboverdian Nationality, living for many years on Santo Antao Island.

 With many years experience of constructing on the Islands. Lombo Branco Village has been designed by a well recognised Architect on the Islands. The design of Lombo Branco Village embraces quality homes and the natural beauty of this stunning coastline.

8. What has the developer built in the past ?

- 1994-1995 Construction of the Central Hospital of Ribeira Grande, Santo Antao
- 1995-1996 Construction of School recreation centre, Ribeira Grande, Santo Antao
- 1996-1997 Construction of social buildings (IFH) Ribeira Grande, Santo Antao
- 1997-1998 Construction of roads in Sao Nicolau and Santiago Islands.
- 1995-2005 Construction of roads from Ribeira Grande to Boca das ambas Ribeiras and from Ribeira Grande to Porto Novo (still under construction)

9. What is the rain fall on the Island. Minimum temperature on a night
during winter ?

- Rain fall on the Northern side of Santo Antao is about 20-30 days per year. Minimum temperature at night in Winter season is about 18º in Lombo Branco.


10. Wind - Is this a very breezy side of the Island ?

- Fortunately the North-East side of Santo Antao has nearly no wind, but always a very light breeze.

11. Local shops - can I buy all my provisions here ?

- At Ribeira Grande, 10 minutes from Lombo Branco - Village you will find Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Banks, Pharmacy, Central Hospital, Police station, Post Office, Telecom facilities and Internet Cafés.

12. What direction are the villas facing for sunrise and sunset ?

- All the villas have slightly different orientations, but from all living rooms, you are able to see sunrise and sunset over the sea, depending on which month sunsets behind the mountains.